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Synchronous Learning in Zoom

Synchronous Learning in Zoom

Synchronous Learning occurs when a group of students are learning at the same time virtually with their instructor via a video conferencing tool.  While this may seem like commonplace in the current context of online education; it has only become more prevalent with the growth of synchronous technology (i.e., Zoom), which allows for rapid transmission of video over the internet.

Zoom is the preferred web-conferencing tool at VCU.; it allows students and instructors to meet virtually while offering a plethora of tools to help facilitate a positive learning environment for both teachers and students.

Before engaging with the Zoom tool, checkout the video below created by VCU Online. It explores the intricacies of navigating web cameras and the way in which you present yourself in the video conferencing environment.

Zoom Tutorials

Now that you have a little bit of a background in what it looks like to engage a class in a virtual environment the creators at Zoom have created this helpful guide and these tutorial videos which will introduce you to the Zoom software, and the different tools found within the Zoom platform.

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