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Our Teaching Enrichment team is comprised of experts in online learning.

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Online Teaching Enrichment Network

We offer a variety of opportunities for teaching enrichment, including live workshops, self-paced courses with feedback from an experienced online learning developer, short micro-courses centered around specific themes in technology and online education, and MORE! We are also available for targeted workshops and presentations for your department, just contact us below.

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Resource Library

We’re building resources to help enhance your teaching

Toolkit for Hybrid Teaching

Learn more about developing Hybrid courses using this extensive toolkit which strives to help you enrich the classroom experience for your students.

Quick Start Guides

Ready to take your teaching to the next level?

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Accessibility in E- Learning

This guide provides techniques for making course materials accessible, ensuring equal opportunities for all students.

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Canvas Course Navigation

Familiarize yourself with the recommended practices that will enable your students to navigate a Canvas course that is user-friendly and streamlined.

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Giving Feedback Online

Learning how to efficiently offer feedback to student will allow for a stronger online environment and an overall better learning experience.

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Group Work

We offer insights into best practices associated with collaborative work and how to integrate it alongside your online class.

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Live Session Lesson Plan

The live session lesson plan aims to engage the learners and take away some of the fear of having to lead a class using video conferencing technology.

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“Low Tech” Methods of Online Instruction

The objective of this resource is to present an introduction to the digital divide and to provide specific examples of methods to reduce the burden on students.

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Managing the Discussion Board

Find out how to manage the Discussion Board in the online environment so your students can successfully co-construct new knowledge with its use.

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Online Instructor Presence

Discover how to establish a connection with the learner in an online environment, which will lead to a better learning experience.

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Online Teaching Pedagogy

This page provides you with information and support on best practices in online instruction as well as some information on learning theories in online education.

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Synchronous Learning in Zoom

This resources aims to relieve some of the tension by providing resources and insights to the world of synchronous learning through Zoom.

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Teaching First Generation College Students

This resource offers ways faculty and staff can assist in reducing some of the costs of college life, and help in reducing stress associated with college life.

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Using Rubrics

Before you start creating the rubric for your online course, learn about the different rubric methods and ideas to consider for making an effective assessment plan.

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VCU Course Evaluation

This resource provides information on how we at the VCU Online evaluate online courses for quality.

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Welcome Videos

Discover the power of the Welcome Video and learn helpful tips how to prepare for the creation of your own.

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What are the Purposes of a Syllabus?

This resource outlines classic syllabus views, introduces the learning-focused syllabus, and provides a template to convey expectations concisely.