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Program Development

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Online Programs

Implementation Support

The Program Development team supports the VCU strategic goal of increasing online degree programs, certificates, and course offerings to serve in-state and out-of-state students. This team works directly with academic leaders in VCU Colleges/Schools to identify programs and courses that may be adapted to an online asynchronous or hybrid learning modality. In addition, we monitor the external environment for online program opportunities and potential niche markets.

Programs are evaluated for

  • Enrollment Trends
  • Curriculum Sequences
  • Faculty and Staff Support Capacity

The resulting implementation plan includes the steps needed to launch and sustain online programs/courses.

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Programs With Courses Built by VCU Online

  • BS Accounting*
  • BS Marketing*
  • BS Health Services*
  • Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)*
  • MS Mass Comm Integrated Communication
  • PhD Nursing
  • Accounting (undergraduate certificate)
  • Mass Comm Graduate Media and Leadership certificate
  • BS Mass Comm Advertising/Creative track*
  • BS Mass Comm Public Relations track*
  • BS Nursing, RN to BSN* (completion track)
  • MS Nursing Leadership and Organizational Science*

*VCU Online is working to build General Education courses to support the Bachelor degrees