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Roxanne Winfield

Project Coordinator

About Roxanne Winfield

Interests: Finding new ways to automate tasks, maximizing the use of existing project management tools, and making robust workflows that can scale as we grow. Outside of work, exploring downtown Richmond, museum hopping, and watching as many good (or wonderfully bad) films as possible.

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Roxanne Winfield is a Project Coordinator with a passion for making processes and virtual workspaces more efficient. She enjoys untangling all of the administrative knots that can get in the way so that her team can focus on the actual work rather than the work it takes to get to the work. Roxanne received her Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University at Buffalo with a focus on data and archival management, and holds a BA in Intercultural Studies with a minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Prior to coming to VCU Online, Roxanne helped launch a satellite campus in Buffalo for her undergraduate alma mater, Houghton College, supported the Graduate School at Virginia Tech in various roles, and enjoyed some fun side gigs at the Chrysler Museum of Art, Virginia Stage Company, and NARO Expanded Video. In her spare time you can find her planning more sewing projects than a person can reasonably be expected to complete, and occasionally you can find her actually completing one.