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John Walker

Learning Media Specialist

About John Walker

Interests: New media art, collaborative processes, critical theory, cultural engagement and research, data visualizations, learning/UX design

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John Walker is an interdisciplinary artist known for his contributions in digital and emerging media for cultural and educational spaces. His work focuses on the use of narratives as a delivery mechanism for higher-learning concepts and explores how the digital zeitgeist interplays with real-world cultural motions. With a collaborative, empathetic, and concept-driven approach, he aims to create multimedia experiences that engages individuals/communities, inspires introspection, and promotes critical learning.

Originally from Florida, he received his BFA in Art + Technology from the University of Florida where he was the recipient of the Jerry Uelsmann scholarship. His independent art/curatorial projects have been exhibited nationally, archived/featured by publications and universities, and awarded grants such as the Innovative Artist Project Grant from the United Arts Council of Catawba. He previously served as the Technical Director of the non-profit art and community space, Moisturizer Gallery, worked with the University of Florida designing courses for UF Online, and worked with several Fortune 500 companies designing and developing professional training solutions for global implementation.