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Carrie Cole

Instructional Designer

About Carrie Cole

Interests: Family, History, Domestic Arts, Road trips, and Tourist traps

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Carrie Cole is an Instructional Designer who serves faculty across disciplines in developing and promoting high-quality online educational experiences. After earning her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Bridgewater College, she served both corporate and non-profit organizations developing training and leadership experiences for professional adult learners. Upon earning her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Virginia, she served faculty there in translating face-to-face courses into hybrid and online formats. Working with P-12 schools during the pandemic deepened her understanding of student needs. Carrieā€™s research interests focus on place-based experiential learning in online programs. A native Virginian since the Jamestowne Colony, Carrie enjoys visiting historic sites and cheering on her husband and children in their pursuits.