Tuition rates are available at the Student Accounting website. The Tuition and Fee calculator will provide you with an estimate of what it will cost for you to attend VCU. Additionally, you should also determine if any special course related fees are applicable.  Tuition and fees are categorized and described here.

Note: There is an Online Course Fee of $55 per credit hour for undergraduate and graduate online courses. The fee is for operational and personnel support to develop and maintain online courses. This fee is capped at three credit hours. The maximum a student will pay in online course fees per semester is $165.00.

Payments are due by the start of the semester. Students whose payments are received after the payment deadline may be assessed a late fee and/or a registration hold. Additional payment information is available here.

Some students have their tuition and/or fees paid by outside agencies or businesses (third party sponsor). The Student Accounting Department will bill a third party sponsor for any or all charges, if a valid authorization from the third party sponsor is received on or before the beginning of the semester. The authorization must provide the amount, method of payment and approximate date the payment will be sent to the university and must be unconditionally guaranteed. Should the third party default for any reason, the student is financially responsible for the charges.

For more information about billing and/or payment please visit the Student Accounting Department website or contact them via phone at (804) 828-2228 or by email at