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Graduate Certificate in Special Education K-12 Teaching

Quick Facts

School: School of Education

Mode: Entirely Online

Total Credit Hours: 27

The Certificate in Special Education K-12 Teaching is an online program that will prepare provisionally licensed special education teachers to become fully licensed special education teachers who work with children with learning disabilities, emotional disturbance and mild to moderate intellectual disability. Students will be prepared to recognize a child’s educational and social problems, to formulate effective individualized instruction, and to consult with parents, teachers and administrators to incorporate accommodations and transitions into the child’s educational program. Graduates will be prepared to teach reading and language, behavior management, and social skills to students.

Student learning outcomes
1. Learner and learning: Understand human development and learning theory appropriate to the age group they will teach and acquire an awareness of the diversity of the school-age population in cultural backgrounds and styles of learning
2. Content: Demonstrate knowledge of the subjects they will teach
3. Instructional practice: Demonstrate an ability to plan and implement effective teaching and measure student learning in ways that lead to sustained development and learning
4. Professional responsibility: Develop an understanding of purposes for education and a defensible philosophical approach toward teaching and demonstrate professional dispositions

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