The Center for Sport Leadership at VCU offers a structured graduate program combining classroom theory with exposure to relevant field experiences. Through the sport leadership program, students will be prepared to assume the responsibilities for developing professional and amateur athletes and managing sports programs in a variety of academic, public and private sectors. The interdisciplinary faculty and curriculum give students the opportunity to concentrate on areas most important to them and most relevant to the sports business.

The center offers graduate courses online for those students who want to take advantage of educational opportunities via the Internet. Currently, four classes are available each semester.

Student learning outcomes

  1. Content knowledge of sport industry: Students will be able to analyze and synthesize information and develop plans to address issues in sport leadership.
  2. Development of interpersonal skills and professionalism: Students will demonstrate interpersonal skills and professionalism appropriate to the fields of sport management and coaching.
  3. Development of leadership skills: Students will demonstrate content knowledge of leadership skills and traits, as well as the ability to utilize these skills and traits in a professional setting.