The mission of the School of Nursing is to improve health and the human condition through leadership in nursing research, education and service. Therefore we will:

  1. Sustain our tradition of leadership in educational excellence by preparing future scholars and leaders for nursing and health care
  2. Be a nationally influential center in the development, translation and dissemination of science in biobehavioral clinical research
  3. Be a national model for collaboration and partnerships between nursing education and nursing service in academic medical centers
  4. Be a national model for clinical scholarship (development and dissemination) in the use of simulation, technology and innovation for best practices in education and practice
  5. Provide services that benefit the profession and promote the health and well-being of diverse individuals, families and communities

The goal of the doctoral program in nursing is the preparation of scholars to develop knowledge in the discipline of nursing. The program examines knowledge development in nursing through an understanding of the impact of a wide range of historical influences on the discipline and through analysis of how emerging societal issues influence knowledge development. Knowledge in the humanities and social sciences and an understanding of knowledge development in other disciplines is viewed as foundational to a full understanding of knowledge development in nursing. Methodologic competency (i.e., knowledge of research designs, methodologies and tools) is also essential to a full understanding of the scope, range and path of knowledge development and the relevance to nursing practice.

The VCU School of Nursing has enhanced its Ph.D. program by incorporating a hybrid instructional format. The program includes a combination of online courses and traditional classroom experiences to offer students a dynamic, interactive learning experience that will prepare them to become nurse scholars and scientists. This format is designed to expand the Ph.D. program’s reach to a wider range of highly motivated, independent students who aspire to become scholars, make a significant difference in the field of nursing and study with nationally recognized nurse scientists who conduct biobehavioral clinical research.