The M.S.H.A. program mission is to prepare practicing professionals for management and leadership positions within complex health care organizations.

The overall purpose of the Department of Health Administration is to provide educational programs and service related to the organization and administration of health services. In achieving that purpose, the department’s principal functions are to provide high-quality education leading to careers in the administration of health care institutions, agencies and systems and to provide advanced training and education for persons who will teach, plan, evaluate and investigate health care policies and medical care systems. Corollary functions are to provide assistance and other service for community organization and to conduct health services and health policy research.

The mission of the Department of Health Administration is:

  • Educating the next generation of health administrators and enhancing the skills of the present generation
  • Preparing a new generation of health services researchers and educators
  • Creating and disseminating basic and applied knowledge about the management, organization, financing, function and performance of the health care system
  • Serving people in the public and private sectors of the health care system
  • These activities, when mutually reinforced among all key people — faculty, staff, students, alumni/ae — elevate the department to a premier status among similar departments in the United States.

The M.S.H.A. program is designed for self-motivated, mature and experienced professionals who are seeking advanced preparation in management and administrative roles that ultimately lead to executive positions in complex health services organizations. The curriculum emphasizes leadership in career progression as well as strategic and operational management of health care organizations.